Gifting your boss? Here’s how!

Business etiquette does not require you or any other employee to give a gift to your boss for any reason. Giving corporate gifts when it isn’t required can make it appear as if you’re attempting to buy your way into your boss’s good graces. Furthermore, giving an inappropriate gift to your boss may make him or her uncomfortable.

However, if you feel it’s necessary to give your boss a gift or if you simply want to give your boss a gift, you should be aware of the guidelines.

  1. First, consider a group gift

Consider giving a group gift instead of a single gift for birthdays and holidays. If you’re on a tight budget, a group gift relieves you of the burden. Furthermore, you may not know your boss well enough to choose the appropriate response. If someone else is already organizing a group gift, the best approach is to join the group.

  • Be tactful

If you do give a gift by yourself, do so privately and without making a spectacle of it in front of other employees. Trying to out-gift or out-show your co-workers will only irritate them.

So, be a team player not only at work but also when it comes to gift-giving. The only reasonable exception would be if you and your boss are friends outside of work and you want to do something special to acknowledge the personal side of the relationship.

If this is the case, give the gift to your boss outside of the office rather than at the office.

  • Aim to please rather than impress

Keep the gift simple, sincere, and reasonably priced, and avoid giving personal items such as perfume or cologne. Furthermore, lavish gifts place undue pressure on the recipient to reciprocate. If your boss wants something that costly, enlist the help of a co-worker to share the cost of the gift. Expensive gifts are always better given when they come from a group.

  • 4.      Make no promises

Never give favors, offers to take your boss out to lunch or dinner privately. You’re better off purchasing a greeting card and handwriting something meaningful that will stand out in today’s digital world. Remember, even if your boss has authority over you at work, they are still human. So these are the best tips for gifting your boss to maintain your good equation with your superiors. So if you want a nice appraisal to try these gift ideas.